Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to speak to a lawyer?

There is no charge for an initial consultation with a lawyer with respect to personal injury or estate matters. We charge $100.00 (plus taxes) for an initial one-half hour consultation with a lawyer regarding all other litigation matters.

How do I pay you?

For your convenience, we accept cash, cheques, Visa, MasterCard and debit.

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In what areas do you accept cases?

We can serve clients throughout the province of British Columbia. Although we are based in Victoria, BC, we have handled cases up island, in the Lower Mainland and the interior of the province. We also handle estate cases for clients across Canada, in the United States or other countries.

Do I have to live in Victoria for your firm to represent me?

We have many clients who do not live in Victoria, British Columbia or even Canada. With modern equipment, such as scanners and email, it is possible for us to represent you effectively without the necessity of you being in the same city throughout the litigation. It depends on the nature of the matter in which you are involved, so please contact our office for further information.

What kind of fees do you charge?

We have several different fee arrangements available, generally depending on the type of case. As well, hourly rates vary with each lawyer based upon their years of experience, so please contact our office for more information.

Do you do home visits?

In order to make things as convenient as we can, our lawyers can make home visits.

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